Foster Application

  • Questionnaire

  • References

    Please list your vet and one other person knowledgeable about your care of dogs (trainer, groomer, breeder, etc.):
  • Agreement and Signature

    By signing below you indicate your understanding and the understanding of all residents of your household of the risk inherent in fostering a rescue dog. I understand that a faxed or digital signature has the same validity as an original signature. Most animals handled through rescue come to us anonymously. Therefore we may not be aware of or have knowledge of nor do we make any representation in regard to any pre-existing health, temperament, or behavior conditions. You willingly and knowingly agree to volunteer as a foster home for Hopeless to Homes Animal Rescue (H2H), and agree to release H2H from any liability of damages or harm that may result from fostering animals, agree not to make a claim against H2H for any matters, now or in the future, which arise out of your service as a volunteer foster home.

    It shall be understood that applications for fostering an animal through Hopeless to Homes Animal Rescue (H2H) are subject to acceptance based on a review process that may require collecting information from an application, phone interview, vet and/or personal reference check, and possibly a home visit. Making decisions about animal placement in adoptive and foster homes is an “art”, not a “science”, and there might be times when applications will be denied for various reason(s). This is left to the discretion of the Hopeless to Homes Animal Rescue coordinator after reviewing the above information. H2H reserves the right to make all decisions regarding placement or final disposition of any rescued animal in its care into a foster or adoptive home. There is absolutely no guarantee made or implied that any person, or persons, requesting to adopt or foster an animal being fostered through H2H, or posted on the H2H site, will be granted an adoption or approval as a foster home.

    In Addition: All foster homes must agree to our Code of Ethics.
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